Electrostatic Air Purifiers

The health problems associated with poor indoor air quality are well documented but can be easily solved, partially through electrostatic air filtration.

Indoor air filtration is often overlooked. This can be easily seen in the minimal air filtration via the design of heating and air conditioning equipment and continuning indoor air quality issues. An efficient way to filter indoor air is through a forced air heating and air conditioning filtration system. purifier

A common type of replacement furnace filter is made of inexpensive paper or fiberglass filter that slides into heating and air conditioning ductwork. This filter will only trap enough of the larger particulate out of the air to keep the air equipment from clogging up, but does little to increase the quality of indoor air. Electrostatic furnace filters are an option to remove allergens and other harmful pollutants from indoor air.

Electrostatic furnace filters help with the air quality in our buildings and they can eliminate dusting by as much as 50%. This can reduce energy bills by almost 15% and draperies, carpets, windows, walls, and upholstery will stay cleaner longer.

As the air passes through electrostatic air filter it produces friction. This friction creates a natural electrostatic charge transmitted between the molecular structure of polypropylene and the layers of bonded polyester fibers in the filters. The electrostatic charge draws very small household dust particles to electrostatic filters like a magnet. These dust particles consist of irritants and allergens such as dust mites, pollen, bacteria, fabric lint, tobacco smoke, human and pet dander, plant and mold spores, etcetera.